Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Carla Maternity Session: Nashville Maternity Photography

The first time I met Carla (at Starbucks of course), the first thought that crossed my mind was that she was an absolutely adorable pregnant woman. Seriously. It made me extra excited to capture this special time for her and her husband.

For Carla's Maternity Session, we decided to start out at Radnor Lake. Challenge #1?  No parking spots available! Worried about losing daylight, I had her husband Michael drop her off so we could start shooting and he sat and waited (and waited, and waited...) for a spot. Thank goodness for patient husbands!

Challenge #2? A brief run-in with a park ranger that may or may not have involved the fence and which side of it I was standing on (woops!). Apparently fences are there for a reason...who knew? ;)

Since the park was starting to get a little too crowded (and too dark) for us, we had a quick location change and were able to relax a little. One of my favorite things about getting to work with these two was that it is very obvious how much Michael just adores Carla. He told me several times during the shoot how beautiful he thinks she is. Gotta love people in love. :) 

Work it. Serious expressions, but I love it. 

Carla, you are seriously gorgeous. I think your husband would agree. :)

Staring off into the sunset...perhaps while thinking about getting a McRib. :) Michael and Carla...had so much fun getting to know you- can't wait to meet the little one! 

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Ramseys: Nashville Family Photography

Meet the Ramseys! All 7 of them! :) We had a great time wandering Peabody's campus one weekend and got some really fun shots.

Here are the Ramsey patriarchs! They came all the way from Memphis to help me keep everyone in line. ;)

Meet Mini-Ramsey's #1- Marc and Jenny! They make cute children. (See below).

And last but not least, Mini-Ramsey's #2- Jennifer and Rich. Or as I like to call them, the Kib-amsey's. (Jennifer's nickname is Kib). 

This is why I like them:

Sassy. I like it.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The one where they are really really ridiculously good looking: Nashville Engagement Photography

I think all my clients are beautiful. (Either that, or I have gotten really lucky in the good-looking subjects department!) But when I was editing these photos, I kept texting Meg to tell her how gorgeous she is. I mean, seriously. Tim, you are a lucky guy!

These two are some of our dearest friends in Nashville and it has been awesome to see their relationship progress. I have the honor of shooting their wedding in January, and I could not be more excited about it! :)

Warning. You may need to put your sunglasses on for this one. Take a look at this ring!

Happy Engagement ya'll. We love you both! :)