Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween: How to make a scary face

So, we typically have a pretty low key Halloween around our house. Although I do have a strong affinity for all things pumpkin related (both carving and baking), I don't dress up very often. We usually just hand out candy on the porch, and I repeatedly remind Hunter that giving the 15 year olds (without a costume) a piece of candy is better than getting our cars egged.

However, for those of you that get into the Halloweeny spirit, I thought I would share some scary/funny face ideas with you. Gotta love it when a kid has a sense of humor during a photoshoot. :)

Number 1: "The Lizard." Anyone's mom give them the "Your face is going to get stuck like that!" line?

Number 2: The "I got caught." (Depending on what you have just done, it can be scary indeed.)

Number 3: "The Blowfish." They are poisonous, therefore, they are scary in my book. 

Number 4: "The Scream." Even babies can get in on the scary face action.

And the Finale: "Zombie Apocalypse." Okay okay, so I had trouble with this one. "Frog face?" "This had to hurt?" I'm open to suggestions, but I think this might have been the most creative. 

Happy Halloween!

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